Monday, May 17, 2010

It's feeling like summer!

29.6C on my outdoor thermometer--in the shade! That's normally July weather around here. How funny that we had snow a couple of weeks ago, and now scorching heat.

Everybody's falling into summer mode, though. It's tough to get the kids working when it's suddenly hot like this. They'd rather be outside playing, or eating freezies or something.

Bob asked about park day today. I reminded him of all of the work he has to get done in the next 2 weeks. He said 3 weeks. I said, no, *2* weeks. Oh. My nieces were also to be picked up as of 3pm, which had already added to the no of going. He went outside for a very short while right before eating lunch, came back in, said it was super hot outside (and that was around 23-25 degrees outside), I brought up that I didn't want the girls to go outside much, and Bob said something about it being maybe a bad idea for the littlest one to be at park day with this kind of heat. Yup. I know there are people who live in much hotter climates who are probably thinking we're big wimps ;), but we're not used to this kind of heat!

Then Bob said we've been anti-social hermits this year, which has been kind of true. It wasn't intentional. They didn't want to go to park day in September and October, for November there was H1N1, December was catching up time, January was finishing and exam time, February we got sick AGAIN (hey, better than last year when I had shingles in February!), March was some catching up again and the weather wasn't always great for April... We haven't held the get-togethers we used to and more. Maybe next year. It's been kind of nice to have a year where we're not constantly out doing things during the day. Especially since my kids have been busier in the evenings and on weekends.

Not sure if it's the heat or what, but the girls were much calmer today. I did pull out the Golden Bead Tray, but the 5yo never asked about it. Other than that, we got some of Bob's English done in the morning, the 3 oldest worked on cursive a bit, and we watched "Cool Runnings" as part of Bob's English--for the film study he needs to do. That took us until almost 2pm, so that was pretty much it for the day.

I ought to be doing some cleaning, but I'd rather not. LOL. But I have a goal of getting the level cleaned up nicely where the Montessori shelves are, and of removing some things from those shelves since a lot of things aren't being used, so I really need to get myself moving. The shelves will be more aimed towards my nieces instead of having lots of things for the older kids. My mind keeps going, "But it's pretty much summer, they won't be here," but then I have to remind myself: there is actually about a month and a half left before they are done with me before summer AND they'll be back in August! The heat is fooling me! ;)

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Leptir said...

Lucky you! I love hot weather. Here, in Croatia is about 13°C during the day, and it's rainy. I hope that will change.