Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've fallen of the posting wagon

Hm, what's gone on in the past week or so?

I still have not done the Golden Beads for a second time with the 5yo. :( Other than that, it's been trying to get the 15yo to get all of his work done, we've watched some movies, been to the library... I really don't know.

For the long weekend, dd was gone to Jasper, ds spent holiday Monday at his cousin's, I spent Sunday pretty much sick. Hm. That's about it.

So, let's move into today and forward instead of trying to figure out what happened? lol.

The end of school is almost here. Had the year-end review for the 19yo--she's pretty much officially done! At least on paper. The 15yo will soon be 16, but he'll be working his butt off for the next week and a half to get all of his work done in time. He has until Wed. to get his math done and until next Friday to get his English done. Then he has to do an exam for each of those subjects. THEN he's officially done for the year! Other than the cleaning I'm going to have him do. hehehe. Well, there are different field trips scheduled already for that week, plus we need to talk about his school work for next year, what he thinks he would like to do to meet APS requirements for science, ELA...

Dd is still enjoying Life of Fred. She's pretty tired this morning; I'm not sure what I'll get out of her for work. Ds got a Bionicles book from Scholastic (for free--a consolation gift for not yet having something else we'd ordered) and he's been reading that and playing outside. I'm kind of tempted to just leave him for now, although I'd like him to finish his math unit on reading time.

Well, everybody's going to be here in a few minutes. I need to finish up my first ever Green Smoothie (I have to admit it, I was scared, but I can't even tell the spinach is in it!) and get moving with this day!

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