Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh, the irony!

I've been reading things on Charlotte Mason and LD kids. I was just reading an article put out by the PNEU in the late 1800s where they recommended as part of the intellectual instruction of "feeble-minded" (which anybody with any kind of problem would have been labelled "feeble minded") students that Seguin's method of learning through the senses be used.

Why is that ironic? Because, from what I've read, Charlotte Mason did not really care for the Montessori Method at all. And yet, the PNEU was recommending Seguin's methods, which are EXACTLY what the Montessori Method is based on. Ha!

That does have me thinking, though, that I maybe need to find ways to do more sensory-type education with the 15yo. The CM approach of reading (or listening) and then narrating is going to be rather dull for things like high school science. Plus, there are all kinds of activities I could pull from The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun which would also provide the sensory stimulation he so often seems to crave. The activities are just plain fun and could be part of fun time in the afternoons.

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