Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today worked out mildly better than yesterday, but dd's under the weather and ds is either being really affected by the weather or just isn't sleeping enough and is difficult, the 16yo has been battling sinus problems and their accompanying headaches and lethargy for the past week and the 13yo seems to be running on pure adrenaline half the time. They got more done than yesterday, but then it just all fizzled.

Here's my latest thinking:

The 'requirements' will come later. The math they can sort of do without me being right there with them the whole time. The 13yo HAS to have my one-on-one with him for reading, phonics, spelling and writing. But it's very hard for me to get the morning started off right for EVERYBODY if I'm just focusing on one person. Soooo, here's my latest thought: tomorrow morning, I'll introduce some project or work thing to dd and the 13yo. They can keep going with it while I assist, as needed, the 16yo and perhaps show my niece some activity and perhaps ds. They can still do other activities, and I'll have other short lessons planned, but stuff that won't keep me focused on just them AND won't have the 13yo, in particular, wandering off because he's waiting for me to do the next required item with him. 30 minutes or so before lunch is, after reflecting upon it today, probably the ideal time for me to get some one-on-one remedial work done with the 13yo. They'll still have their charts for work to choose from or to plan on doing (they really do like the sense of accomplishment that they get from see stuff checked off--or in this week's case, stickers put in their spot lol--their decision!) but the LA stuff that he just won't do on his own can be treated as remedial one-on-one with a set time rather than how he starts off his day. I've been noticing how starting off the day with requirements (or perceived requirements) has been getting dd less able to focus on what she really wants to work on. We'll see how it goes!

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