Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feels like a Monday!

We have 4 days to do work, right?

This morning, babble, babble, babble instead of reading during our reading time.

The 16yo only had about 30 minutes of work time before leaving for her dentist appointment at 9am--and only did about 5 minutes of work. lol. Babble, babble, babble, everywhere and by everyone.

Dd had a doctor's appointment at 10 and was stressed about it. We stopped working at 9, put on some tv, then left for the appointment. Didn't get back until almost 11, which is our time to start prepping lunch.

So, 30 minutes of work time.

We had lunch, which too FOREVER, then left to run errands: return books to the school, buy a new burner coil for our stove (one had something wrong with it and kept shorting out), then went to the library. We didn't get back until after 3.

Speaking of the school, I now have a dilemma, which might not be a dilemma if it's brought up with the kids: they are having a field trip to a local centre in which dd and the 13yo could spend a day covering the topic Evidence and Investigation. It's a really great field trip. BUT--it's on Nov. 5, which is Guy Fawkes' Day and we were going to try to do something at park day for it. Of course, I suppose they could go on the field trip if they wanted to, and the rest of us could go to park day and do Guy Fawkes' stuff, but their trip finishes at 2:45 (we'd have to leave by 2:30) and park day only starts at 1pm, with many not showing up until 1:30-2pm... Hm... I'll have to talk to them about it tomorrow. It really sucks, though, that there are all kinds of great things coming up on bad days for us!!! (Woops, I'm supposed to be focusing on the positive, like, "Wow! So many great things to choose from. Aren't we lucky?" :D)

Back to the originally scheduled program: Our day was pretty much a non-school day. We have only 3 days left this week! We'll have to make the most of them. Fortunately, we have NOTHING planned. We'll undoubtedly stay home, except maybe to go rent a video on Fri. (we haven't done that in a while and the 13yo made a request for it this week).

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