Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dd is 10 today!

And know what she said yesterday that she wants to do today?

Start her day off doing math with me. :D

Ds had asked me to play Chocolate Chip math with him. I played on round with him, with dd sitting in for a little bit. Dh asked her what a certain question would be if instead of, let's say, 8-3, it had been 3-8. She gave the answer. That sparked off memories of having done integers in the past (she started at age 7, I think) and then played the next round with ds and me, but she did it so it would be negative numbers. :) Then she and I did the multiplication and division side. She was just loving doing it. Which is why she wants to start with math today--she wants to do more!

While the kids usually have their birthday off, she's getting the next two days off (because of her birthday and knows today is a work day. Of course, once she gets her gift (a special gift for a special birthday--a pink Nintendo DS) she might want to do otherwise, but she'll be able to wait at least until this afternoon, after a bit of exploring it before breakfast, naturally. :)

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Correne said...


10 is a very important number - it's double digits! It will be 90 more years before she has another one as important as this.

I remember my dad saying something like that when I turned 10, and I still remember it ;)