Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer Plans

Just want to quickly jot down some ideas of things to do this summer. We have all kinds of projects not-quite-started, started and not finished, things we'd like to do... If I can write the list down somewhere that can't get lost (lol), all the better:

*dd has a mini quilting kit
*decluttering the kids' rooms
*guitar (that reminds me, I find a program for kids and haven't ordered it yet)
*make rosaries (still have to finish buying all of the supplies for this one)

There's other stuff. I can't remember it at the moment. :(

*I have a crocheted bag I started almost 2 years ago that I want to finish up.
*send off a Flat Traveler
*dd has a cross-stitch she has been wanting to work on
*she also has a painting course book she may start

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