Friday, June 18, 2010

Art galore!

Art has been the theme recently. Not a theme I introduced, just what the kids have been turning to! Lots of colouring and painting and drawing and crafty things going on. It's always a shame they don't have that kind of passion for cleaning. ;)

I guess it would be helpful if I took pictures more often, wouldn't it? Ah well. Not today. lol.

Other than that, my 5yo niece asked to do the movable alphabet with me. It's been a while and it's reminded me that I have to teach her the digraph sounds in French. She hasn't a clue once she hits the sound and none of the letters match up, so she asks me and I tell her, but it would be good if she could really do the activity all on her own!

Not much else going on. We've been working on Father's Day gifts, went to Fort Edmonton earlier this week, have some cleaning and organizing left to do... All of that takes up plenty of time. The Father's Day gifts alone have required multiple outings to Michaels. :)

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