Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On one of the Montessori lists, the topic came up about Montessori does not have correction. Self-correction or built-in correction, but the teacher does not go around correcting students' work. Even at the elementary level.

Just now reading from "More Charlotte Mason Education", Levison had a part about narration and how it wasn't a time for the listener (the teacher/adult) to interject their own thoughts, but to listen. I realized: Charlotte Mason, too, did not believe in correcting students' narrations. It was about seeing what they remembered, what made an impression on them, not about seeing what they didn't remember. Levison continued with what to do if the child isn't doing a great job with narrations: modify the next narrations. Again, just like Montessori!

My feel at the moment is that there are going to be some parts that are definitely at odds with each other, yet CM could provide different ways of doing certain work, plus provide the what. It gets complicated providing the what at the elementary and above levels in Montessori. So much of it is tied with group work or materials or hands-on activity (like running a school shop at the jr. high level). It's just not practical in the home.

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