Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And sometimes science just falls into your hands... er... yard

With the insane thunderstorm systems going through last night, our front tree must have been shaken a lot. Dh woke up this morning to find a bird's nest fallen from the tree! I'm pretty sure it's a new nest, which makes it sad to see; all that work ended in a flash. (No pun intended!)

However, that does make for a science opportunity for us! Dh picked it up and put it on the back porch (the mud used in it is very moist right now).

You can't see the piece of plastic ribbon the bird used!

It's very cool to look at, though, and will provide an opportunity to learn more about how birds make nests. And maybe even figure out what kind of bird made this nest.


Cynthia Dyer said...

What a lovely nest. It really shows how much work the birds put into making them.

Since the poor bird will be making a new nest, you might put out some ribbons and coloured strings for it to use. Maybe you'll be able to recognize the ribbons in the new nest.

Take care.

D. said...

It is a beautiful nest. Hubby asked if everybody had seen it so he could throw it away. I told him that wasn't allowed! :)

Where would I put strings and ribbons? I'm not sure where birds go to find things to make nests. And we have wind so much of the time, I'm not sure they just wouldn't end up with the other floating garbage in the city. :(