Friday, September 21, 2007


was a great school day! I felt focused, the kids knew what was expected... It worked out very well. I feel like we're finally back on track. Today didn't get much done, but dh was home sick and that naturally threw off all routines!

I won't be able to do much in terms of preparing Montessori materials this weekend, although could look at lessons I could do with what I already have. Tomorrow is ds's 7th birthday party (with just family here at our house) and what with swimming lessons in the morning and then cleaning and making lasagne in the afternoon, I'm going to be busy!! Then Sunday will be Mass (hopefully!), laundry, trying to catch up on stuff around here and just getting basic plans and stuff together. Oh! The 16yo will be ready for various tests next week--I'll have to work on them on the weekend, too--chem and math for sure; I may have her do a test for her social studies and have that worth her full mark for the theme (she should be half done the 2nd theme by now and hasn't even finished the first theme) rather than have her do an assignment AND a test. Although, having her do an in-depth assignment would be better for her learning than a test. Maybe I'll scrap the test for this unit or give her a short quiz plus the writing assignment. I'll figure that out later. Time to do some room rescuing and then relax a bit!

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