Thursday, September 06, 2007

First week almost done

And only one day of work to show for it so far.

What happened? I had a weird sleep, awake for part of the night due to a bad dream that left me with my heart racing, but then it was one noise after another keeping me awake: the dog, who sleeps in our room, was dreaming and kind of half-barking in her sleep but also bumping against the bed; one cat getting into one thing after another or hopping down from places... I finally went downstairs to sleep, too not too long to sleep, but it was a weird sleep, then woke up at 6:40. That's got to be some sort of record. It's a full hour after I'm usually awake. And I didn't really feel ready to be awake, but I knew I had to get up.

That meant I started off the day all kind of out of it. The two oldest arrived and the 13yo wasn't very energized--he'd had a bad sleep because his dad is in hospital right now due to blood clots, possibly connected with a fall he had a week and a half ago that had him break a vertebra in his back AND his pelvis. His sister was achey and tired and cold. An hour later, I still didn't feel like I could really function. So, I let them play. Then I ended up reading aloud to the 16yo the eBay entry mentioned in my previous post, then I started looking at that mom's blog a bit and reading more aloud. That kept us occupied a bit. Then a break, then the 16yo decided she did want to get at least some of her chem done--which she did. We also decided to go on a field trip this afternoon to Rutherford House. I'm not sure why it came up, but it came up in conversation and that's when we decided to go. So we went, had a very short visit (we've been there too much!) and then decided to check out the lottery showhomes (they were okay).

I feel tired again and my sinuses are bugging me (this darn crazy weather doesn't help any!) so I think I'll go to bed early and make sure I'm really awake tomorrow morning!

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