Sunday, September 02, 2007

What am I doing exactly?

Other than the obvious in changing my blog colours all the time? (I don't like what I currently have, either!)

I'm working out the stuff I need to have ready for this week. Trying to think about social studies, however, left me realizing that for September, it's not very clear in my head what I want dd and the 13yo to do. So what is it that I want them to be learning exactly??

  • continent names and locations
  • ocean names and locations
  • latitude and longitude, plus using that information to find places or writing that information based on a given place
  • tie in weather stuff, like the current hurricane
  • I had put explorers, but that seems more fitting in the individual continent studies

I'm at a loss as to what I want them to do exactly. How will they learn the continent/ocean names and locations??? I don't want to tell them to simply learn them. Let me brainstorm a bit:

  • labelling and colouring world maps (oooooh, I just had an idea: tie it in with different map views and projections! They could have a bunch of different maps to work with--a typical map, one with the Pacific Ocean in the middle, one with the southern hemisphere on top, the different projections whose names I can't think of at the moment.)
  • puzzle map for the continents
  • continent cards (I have some, somewhere...)
  • play games? I think I have a world map somewhere; I could playfully quiz them. We also have a world geography game but I don't think the map on that is according to continents, but it could be used to locate continents.
  • I should probably also go over the compass rose with them.

Ah, this helps! I know I need specifics or I won't follow through because I won't know what to do. But now I've got to get ready to go for a birthday supper. Tomorrow, I need to track down some printable maps! :D


Lisia said...

I came across a blog today with the same set up you are trialling at present but blue. Looks nice I think:

I'm enjoying all the variety you're providing anyway!

Daisy said...

lol on the variety!! :)

The background blue is a little too bright for what I wnat. But I don't know what it is that I want exactly, which is probably why I'm not happy with any of the layouts. Although, I thought I was able to choose a leafy one once and I can't find that. Maybe it's not available anymore or maybe I'm thinking of something totally different.

I'll figure it out sometime! :)