Monday, September 24, 2007

A very satisfactory day

I started the day off kind of weird, not to mention my kids were still sleeping at 7 am (that's just freaky), and was a little worried about how the day would play out--especially with ds's new toys he got from family on the weekend for his birthday -- but, with the helpful reminders of The Secret, I focused on being positive and doing what I could and expecting good things. Some great stuff from today:

  • The 13yo and dd did 3 pages of fractions (from Key to Fractions book 1) and dd attempted a fourth page--this is up 1/2 pages from last week (it was only taking them about 10 minutes to do last week!). This is in addition to their 40 (I think it's 40) math facts practice questions.
  • The 13yo did spelling (although only half-heartedly) with dd, then he and I READ together. I don't think we read together all last week. He had bought himself a new Spiderwick book and was really wanting to enjoy the book but finding it difficult to read on his own for silent reading, so I asked him if he wanted that for our reading time together. He liked that idea. I still need to work on getting daily writing in.
  • I had worked out on the weekend a kind of breakdown for the 16yo so she could get caught up. She was kind of giving up, just feeling very unmotivated and discouraged (I think in part because she knows she's behind) and spent over an hour working on social studies questions. I stepped in after lunch and had her rush through her math and chem. She probably doesn't know the stuff super well, but she needs frequent review anyhow, so it'll work out. The point being: she got everything on the list done today, which means that she's less behind than she was! Yay! :D
  • dd explored the software Scrapbook Plus. I haven't even used it yet and she's trying out all kinds of things in preparation to give to my former student who will spend the day with us on Friday.

I had hoped to get dd and the 13yo started on a project but realized as I was talking to them that I had left the topics far too wide open (country, historical person or historical event) so I'll come up with a list with a touch of information (like Benjamin Franklin--scientist and President; Ste. Jeanne d'Arc--French girl from the 14oo's who became a soldier in the war against England; Leonardo da Vinci--etc.). I was so busy this weekend I have barely had the time to think and prepare stuff!!

Got to go get supper going!


kate said...


I know and admire you from the playschool6 and other yahoogroups. I am a former home schooler turned school director (

What I realize in reading this post and your last one is that for the most part each CHILD has up and down days. Thus, when you home school, one or two kid down days creates a down day in entirety whereas at school with 40 kids, every day a few kids can have down days but there are always plenty having good days which creates more of an overall contiuum of positive days which is much easier on the teacher/mother and on the kids.

So, I hope that you as a home schooling mother and educator can get some perspective from this on those "bad" days. It helps me.

I always enjoy your posts,

Jane said...

Daisy!!! I'd love your advice on a few of my recent posts!! As a teacher and as a homeschooler. I really don't know what to do atm :(

I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a comment or email me when you have time....

Jane said...

Thank you Daisy! The main post is:

And I did a long post in the HS board at LP which I will copy and paste into my blog too! Thanks so much.

Daisy said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks. :) And yes, you are right about the numbers. This is something I really started struggling with last year--when I 'lost' my one student. It made such a difference. She was just a year older than dd and the two of them were very self-directed--or together-directed. It left the boy to me most of the time. I know things would work so much better for him in Montessori terms if he were in a large Montessori classroom, but that's not going to happen!

Jane, I've replied. Trust your gut!!!!

Jane said...

thanks Daisy!