Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Friday!

Another week done. Where did it go????

Monday was a great school day. Tuesday, only the oldest did some school work and not as much as I had hoped she'd get done; the rest had the day off due to ds' birthday (the big 7!) and playing with him. Then we spent the afternoon at Let's Play. Wednesday was an off day--the oldest had had some issues at diving the night before and just really needed to talk and take care of her spirit, so our lengthy discussion meant I wasn't directing the others, and she was in no frame of mind to focus on work, so we created Vision Boards (see The Secret for more details; we adapted them slightly with the use of the Treasure Map idea in Shakti Gawain's book Creative Visualization). Just she and I. She was doing much better by the end of the day and what she did could actually count towards CALM, so it's all good. Yesterday just seemed to be a difficult day to get going. Everybody seemed tired and irritable. My two were extremely irritable and ds kept crying at everything. The oldest got a bit done, but not a whole lot. Plus we had errands to run. Today was a day off from school because we have my former student with us for the day--and for a sleepover. :)

So, it's been a slow week school-wise, but busy in other ways. It's been good though. I don't feel guilty. Reading The Secret has kind of brought me back to things I used to do and ways I used to think all the time.

Time to order pizza! Then taking the girls out to see the latest Harry Potter movie. :D

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Jane said...

You've mentioned The Secret a few times - did you enjoy the book? Or did you see the movie? Its been discussed in so many places online and I have heard good and bad sides to it....I'd love to hear more about it - and your thoughts!