Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What a day!

Last night, about 9:20, my faciliator from the school board called and asked if she could possibly visit us for our year-end review today. She'd had a cancellation and wanted to fill that time with someone else if possible. I said okay, but then panicked afterwards. lol. It was too late for me to get started--I knew I'd be up way too late if I got going on putting things together--so I just watched part of Batman Begins with dh and fell asleep around 10.

However, my mind was working and I was awake at 4:30. I knew there was no chance of me falling asleep, so I got up, took care of email and stuff, then got going on little summary sheets and the like. We did no work this morning; I spent it finishing up, finding things to show, etc.

Just before our facilitator shows up, ds and my niece started playing with water in the bathroom sink. Yes, it's always messy, but no big deal. After my facilitator arrives and sits down, the 13yo tells me there's water leaking through to the downstairs. What???

I go upstairs and the floor was flooded. Ds said it was dn who was putting water on the floor. I still don't understand how they did it since they didn't have cups or anything, just Lego and little dolls. Dn was totally soaked through; I asked dd to take care of her and get her changed. The 13yo took care of what he could--without my asking--downstairs. There's damage in one of the ceiling tiles, I believe. *sigh* All this stress so far and we hadn't even begun the year-end review!

The review itself went just fine. I was a little worried about the 16yo's work since we didn't really have a lot of things to show, but it was no problem. I had written up a breakdown of her marks for Phys. Ed. and Social Studies and she really liked that and didn't even ask to see the actual work. (Having been a teacher makes these things a little smoother, I think!) It's nice to have it done, although I still have to finish up marks for the 16yo and send them in. We've always been done school when our year-end review took place; not necessarily intentionally, but that's how it worked out. The 13yo actually asked if it meant that we were done our work for the year and I had to make it clear we weren't; he's still got a couple of units of math to cram in and I absolutely want them to keep working on stuff, even if it's all word bingo or something. At least some reading (he's got this new book he wants help with).

The poor 16yo is sick with a cold or something; I think it's a cold mixed with allergies. She couldn't do a thing today. And her exams are in a week. eek. Hopefully things'll be better tomorrow so she can get moving!

Now that things are pretty much done, my mind is REALLY on next year's plans! lol. Gotta still keep working on finding a school that'll evaluate the 16yo's FLA... argh.

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