Sunday, June 17, 2007

Last week!

This is essentially our last week of school. The oldest has 2 exams to do--for Math 10 Pure and English 10-1--and her brother has some math to finish up. I'll also have dd do some math. I had hoped to have the kids working last week, but it somehow didn't happen. With the focus on math this week, I think it'll work. At least for a couple of days. lol.

The actual plan for this week:

Monday--probably not going to park day (again! *sigh*) so that we can focus on studying; plus I bought a Spider-Man slip 'n slide yesterday. It's supposed to be reasonably nice tomorrow and I know they'd rather do that than go to the park. One little snag, though: dh has these quick attachment things on the hoses (for quick attachment of things like sprinklers, etc.) and I need just a plain hose to attach the slip 'n slide.

Tuesday--field trip to Ft. Edmonton (squeezing in an hour of studying before we leave); plus I have to remember to drop off library books

Wednesday--studying in the a.m.; English exam in the p.m. (3 hours!!)

Thursday--either math studying in the a.m. with exam in the p.m. OR exam in the a.m. and we go out somewhere in the p.m.

Friday--clean up! The two oldest have a LOT of stuff here. It's also time to just sort through papers and all that and chuck what we no longer need and they don't want. Clear everything up for fall. Also, the two oldest have a lunch date for their dad's birthday.

The week after that, I don't know how many days the two oldest will be with me. We're supposed to go to the zoo, and I told my kids we'd go to Millennium Place--probably on the Wednesday. If the St. Albert spray park ever opens up, we'd like to go there, too. But there's also the Monday park day AND the Thursday park day. Those who are against homeschooling because they think the kids are locked up in the house all day long haven't a clue what they're talking about!!!

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