Sunday, February 04, 2007

THAT Cleaning Program

I keep getting messages from this one list I'm on about that cleaning program for kids I was complaining about. This one mom wrote how her 9yo dd wanted to work with Santa and the fictional character created for this program when she grows up. Other messages also give the impression that they think this character is REAL. I had never considered the possibility that these kids were being given a new fantasy character to believe in! Don't we lie to them enough? lol.

I've got a cleaning program for you: routines, work with your kids, love and patience. (Ok, love IS patient, but patience should be said. :) ) My kids have no problem cleaning up things when they are not overwhelmed (so, if it's huge and I help, it's okay), when we decide things together and especially when it's just a habit. No need for believing in fictional characters or getting prizes each time!

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