Thursday, February 08, 2007

Different things

My plans for the week didn't pan out! The 12yo was still sick and blah (turns out he has bronchitis!) so he only got a bit of work done. It's just been one of those weeks, let's say that.

I wrote a letter to FlyLady today. She's the one promoting this program I despise so much. But it went a step further today: somebody from the FlyLady crew was responding to a mom who didn't want to use rewards and spent her whole time trying to convince this mother to use rewards. That was it. I had to step in!

So I wrote a kind of testimonial, about how the FlyLady system on its own works wonders with kids, sharing my observations of the program, sharing my dismay about the push to use this program, especially for someone who does not want to use rewards. I didn't go about trying to convince anybody to use rewards or not--that's something people have to find within themselves--but I did make it clear that you can have your kids clean their rooms, and have them be happy about it--without using rewards. What I didn't say was that FlyLady has been saying for years and has been sharing testimonials for years about how well her program works with kids, about all these kids who have gotten with the program and are happy and following routines. Now, all of a sudden, she's undermining her own system by encouraging some other person's reward system (which you have to purchase!). Why the change? Does she not trust her program for kids anymore? Is she getting some sort of commission? What has happened???

Oh, and I also shared brief info on Alfie Kohn and Faber and Mazlish, saying that those moms who want to do something different can and there is help out there.

I wonder if she'll publish it...


As for today, it's Thursday. My nephew is coming today. That means I absolutely need to do some school stuff with my two before he shows up because they will go off and play with him and my niece. That actually works just fine because that means, with the 12yo still on his competition trip, that I can focus on the 15yo, help her get two last assignments done for social studies, hopefully get her doing a section in math, and then help her study for her big exam. Which is supposed to be tomorrow, but it might not be because there was some issue with getting the exam. Our poor facilitator was going on what she knew (which is what I had seen with other subjects online), but this social studies teacher is saying something different, so now we have no clue whether we're going to have an exam tomorrow or not. We're pretending she is and making sure she's ready.

Other stuff: I've started looking at the 15yo's science which she will be starting next Monday (assuming she's got the exam done tomorrow!) and I've got to work on getting next week's stuff together--it's more complicated than other subjects!

Oh, kids are up, time to get going.

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