Monday, February 05, 2007

Plans for the Week

Okay, just to get my juices flowing a bit and have things written where I can't lose them (lol):

12yo's schedule:


9:00--reading with me


10:00--science and social (I'm basically reading to him and he'll write down a couple of sentences)



12:00--Research/Writing (I have a sheet with some research questions on anorexia. He keeps making all kinds of goofy comments in terms of anorexia so I figure it's time for him to actually learn about it. It also reminds me of Marva Collins's approach where the kids have to write about gum or other things related to something they weren't supposed to be doing.)

12:30--typing, art, science experiment, music, outside time...

No park day for us today. This schedule is for Monday and Tuesday. He is gone on a competition for the rest of the week.

The 15yo:
a.m.: social studies work, math
p.m.: exam anxiety work, studying

That's her schedule for M-Th. Friday's the big day--the exam!!

-read and write in French together daily (she came up with a great idea after one day of me fooling around: she'll practise cursive AND French writing at the same time by us writing messages to each other)
-do a little oral German daily
-her social studies project (Around the World)
-for science, I'd like to start going through this book we have in French; I think it's the Usborne Encyclopedia of the Body
-math: whatever she wants! Probably math facts practice. I'll have to print off a sheet for her.

-read to him in French each day
-have him work on some letters each day, maybe see if he would want to copy some words or sentences
-math: I'd REALLY like to do the Teens Board. Still haven't done it with him. I might consider doing some Golden Bead work with him as he's begun trying to read numbers past 100. He's sort of lost interest in workbooks and worksheets, which is fine by me--I'd like to work on operations with materials instead of written stuff. He's started taking the approach that just having the answer and working quickly is the point! It's not! So, maybe some addition, subtraction or multiplication work with bead bars.
-science: maybe the body book with dd
-social: still haven't done the continents on a map or the globe!!
-religion: I'd like to do some stuff from the French program we have with both him and dd.

Our week this week is fairly straight forward: work from 8-11, work from 12-2, Mon-Thurs. Friday, 15yo does exam while I keep the other 3 busy so as not to disturb her.

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Jane said...

Just dropping by to say hello Daisy! I hope you are well...I still read your blog regularly....I love your views and the way you face your challenges! Have a great week!