Sunday, February 11, 2007

Amazing Concentration

I had a Montessori observation moment today. I was at the kitchen table and happened to look through the window of the wall to the downstairs family room. Ds was there with a broken plastic hockey stick that had been taped up, removing the massive amount of tape. I started watching him, wondering what was going through his mind, what was his purpose in all of it. He was so intent upon what he was doing, he was oblivious to everything else around him. Dh went down and passed by and ds didn't even look up. He seemed to be wrapping as much as he could around his hand. And I wished that I could truly put myself into his mind to understand, to see it all the way he saw it!

But that level of concentration was remarkable. He tends to be so busy and noisy, but this was intense and calm. The very thing Maria Montessori described of children who had found work that met some inner need. I'm not sure what he needed, but it was apparently being met pretty well. lol

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Correne said...

My husband and I do that sort of a thing all the time. For no particular reason, I'll end up cleaning a hairbrush or weeding the garden and end up completely absorbed for 10-20 minutes.