Saturday, February 10, 2007

Complaints, complaints

This has got nothing to do with homeschooling, but things that I got in my inbox today.

First complaint: These darn people trying to pretend that they are financial institutions and hoping to get your banking information. I looked at the source code for this message I got today--it's part of some woman's website/blog!!! I was stunned, as I've had these messages before and it's always been some obscure thing you couldn't link up to anybody. This woman's got pictures of herself and all kinds of personal information on her blog. Of course, with people being much more technologically capable than I today, it is always possible that somebody's using her site to store this particular page on (the imitation banking page), but is that really likely? Not sure. I just hate that there are so many people out there who care so little for their fellow man that they would want to rip them off this way. I have been getting these fraudulent messages more and more and it makes me mad as much as it saddens me. PhoneBusters is going to start recognizing my email address if I keep reporting people at the rate it's going!

Second complaint: I'm complaining about myself. Why? Because I told myself to just read the reminders for FlyLady and I didn't and I read this testimonial about how that bribe-based cleaning program isn't just for kids. Reading the message, to me, it's so blaringly obvious the children are doing it out of fear of this fictional character who's been created--and rightfully so since she is supposed to be Santa's sister and they check the naughty and nice lists together. A 3yo is described worrying about having things just right! The mom was raving about how well the program works and how it even worked including her dh into it all--he got a note about how he needed to do better to get his treat. She ended it with something about how great it is to 'get results'--does she not really mean how great it is to control others to do what we want them to do???? FlyLady goes on about how perfectionism defeats us--isn't manipulating and pushing others around to reach the household state we want a sign of perfectionism?

I'm so sickened yet I can't seem to remember not to read these posts. I'm going to have to create some filters so that I don't get any of the testimonials with this program's name in them.


Heather said...

I signed up for the flylady mail and it got to be too overwhelming! The book "Sink Reflections" is very good though and very useful. I used it when I was trying to get our old house ready to sell. I love the timer method and I do that all the time. I don't keep my sink shiny, put my shoes on or have a control center....but the timer method and the quick decluttering I do weekly if not daily.

Kunoichi said...

I'm a former flylady subscriber, too. What I discovered was the the more time I spent on the house, the more of a b***h I became to the family, because they'd be messing things up faster than I could clean them. In the end, I felt a happy family (and less stress for me) was more important than a spotless house.

My motto has become "clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy."