Thursday, January 04, 2007

School resumes Monday!

That's only in 4 days! I don't feel prepared!!!

I have some cleaning I feel I MUST get done before Monday--'must' because I've decided it's super important for these areas to be cleaned up before school starts: the 'school' room, the kids' room, the school shelves area in the family room. This is very do-able.

I have some preparations for next week to finish.

  • I've already got the 15yo's and the 12yo's math put into Homeschool Tracker Plus,
  • I've kind of worked out the 15yo's social studies for Jan.,
  • I have a planning/goal sheet for her to fill out in general and a separate one for her social studies (when will she do the final exam, for example),
  • I have a goal sheet for the 12yo,
  • I have his science partially put into HST,
  • I've looked through his social studies but do still need to plan out a little more what he needs to do each week
  • I've got a bunch of different LA stuff put into HST for him
  • I need to really flesh out the work he is going to do next week--especially since I want to put him on a "Work First" policy that will ban all free time until he's got his work done (I'm implementing a ten-step program from the book "Bright Minds, Poor Grades")
  • I need to do some French plans for dd
  • I'd like to set up some science and social studies plans for dd, but it's not crucial that it be done this weekend (besides, she has her Around the World in 80 Days she can keep working on for social studies)
  • ds already has some French stuff put into HST and I think some math stuff; as with dd, I'd like to figure out some science and social studies, but not necessarily this weekend
  • I need to find the weekly planning sheet I had for dd so that she can kind of track what she works on and see what areas she's doing a lot in or nothing in. Actually, I should do one for myself to make sure I'm actually showing them different things!

I also need to finalize the routine I want in place for the first week. I had something set up and realized that I'm trying to do too much at once. I want to be able to really follow through and I can't if there's too much pulling my brain everywhere.

Well, off to do some treadmill, shower, give the kids an early lunch, take them to their dentist appointment, do grocery shopping and THEN get to some cleaning and planning. Busy day!


Correne said...

Hi, Daisy. You sound like you need to have a "Professional Development Day" I'm sure it's hard to find time for planning and organizing when you have 5 kids every day. I only have two kids, and only one of them needs any planning done, and I still find it tough to get a couple of hours where I can just THINK, or just browse through books and websites to decide what to do next or what to use.

Daisy said...

I've had almost 2 weeks off! But I like the sound of that: a Professional Development Day. That's what tomorrow will be for me. Focus on having everything ready. Saturday will undoubtedly be a regular Saturday--laundry, housework, goofing around, dd's skating lesson, last-minute school prep... I'd like to work at having Sundays completely off from school and household duties. I managed to do it for a while sometime ago, but it hasn't happened in a long time. I loved having a day totally off. I'm sure I'd love it again. ;)