Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh, too funny!

I was doing some searching online and came across something where somebody was sharing why kids should go to school instead of be homeschooled. One of the reasons was so the kids could learn to stand in line.


I mean, really. OMG. That's just too funny. Where would we be in the world without public schools showing us how to stand in line? lol. You know, you've got to be certified to teach your kids, right? ;) hehehe. I just can't stop giggling. The thought of people only being able to learn to stand in line in school is just ludicrous. Do people not take their kids to the store? The library? Movies? Food courts? Other places that require waiting in line? THESE are the things in real life we line up for. We get lots of practice. Why do we need to learn how to line up to get from one part of a building to another when NO adult does that? OMG, too funny.

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