Friday, January 19, 2007

Great way to end the week

I'm laying here in bed, laptop on my lap (go figure), dd next to me and we're watching the Canadian Figure Skating Championships--ladies' programs. This is the life! Oh, and we've got an orange kitty laying between us. How could life be any better? lol.

Because Wed. and Thursday were rather 'off'', and dd and ds had new Lego, and I've just been fighting off something, this morning just remained unschooly. Which meant that dd and the 12yo played with Lego, ds played with my niece (almost 2), the 15yo and I chatted a bit, actually did a quiz on Citizen Participation (a unit we actually haven't looked at yet in her social studies; she still managed to pass!) and not much else. I did put on The BFG for a little bit, too. We're quite enjoying the story! But we've liked all of Roald Dahl's works so far, I think.

This afternoon was a field trip to an ice sculpture display 'thingy', which included a mini-castle with a small slide--all made out of ice--another small slide off to the side (yes, made out of ice), a small maze made out of ice, and a larger slide made out of ice with an apparent safety hazard since only people 16 and older were allowed to go on! I'd share pictures, but my battery died and I didn't even get ONE picture off. :( We then walked down one of the main streets, window shopped a little, had a snack at Tim Horton's, stopped in at Army and Navy (got some stuff we don't find at other places) and then came back home. Dd and the 12yo resumed their Lego building and playing (they do this now and then--it's like they have to play Lego until it gets out of their system, then they're able to come back and work on academic things), ds played by his lonesome (my niece was already at home) and the 15yo and I had a good chat about various things. It was quite nice. She can keep a lot of stuff in, and was able to let a few little things out today to a small degree, with me able to share my own stories and she knew I understood. Very nice.


Jane said...

Chris and Laurence were SO disappointed that they couldn't go on the big slide at Ice on Whyte.....why on earth was it for over 16's???? In fact because it had a high edge it was probably safer than the little childrens slide which had no edge and the children kept sliding off of!

Surely over 10's would have been fine on the big slide.....Susannah would have even enjoyed it!

I was disappointed with Ice on Whyte this year...we go every year and I have to say the carvings (the few that there were) were not that great.....past years contestants have been much more talented.

Ok gripe over lol :) we still had a nice morning out there!

Daisy said...

It had something to do with insurance--the 12yo asked why they weren't allowed on. I imagine there's a safety issue with kids potentially whacking their heads on the ice. It was definitely disappointing, though! Even the 15yo couldn't go on it. I mean, you've got to be kidding me. She's pretty much full-grown.

I wish they'd made the maze bigger, too. However, when ds managed to knock over one of the wall pieces (yes, he did), I suppose having larger walls could be another hazard. lol. I'd love to go through a big ice maze, though.