Monday, December 04, 2006

Some days, you just have to go with the flow...

I woke up to the alarm clock today--at 6 am. That doesn't happen very often. I had been awake a bit earlier, but fell back asleep and was surprised at hearing the alarm clock. My automated functions got going and I found myself in the bathroom getting ready. I really wanted to go lay down on the couch and fall back to sleep, but there were things I really wanted to get ready for our school time. Fortunately, I had written it all out very clearly the night before what I needed to do, so I didn't even have to think about it. I figured it'd take me about 30-40 minutes. I got started around 6:20 on the computer, 'soon' heard dh in the kitchen and thought, "Man, he's down early!" then looked at the time: 7:10. Oh my gosh.

I got myself off the computer and took care of breakfast and all that. The two oldest showed up. I started reading to them and the plan was to get to work once my niece showed up. Dd and the 12yo disappeared with cards. The 15yo and I ended up at the table. She hadn't even brought down her binder and usual stuff to get started. That's very unusual for her. She gets her stuff and then it seems to be snack time for everybody. It just kind of continued on like that. Because nobody was really connecting with ANY work, I did the memory thing with them (of course, my intention was to have the 12yo see how easy it can be to learn, but he wouldn't even call back any of the items once we went through them, so I don't know how much he applied himself and actually saw how easy it was to learn like that!). It was suddenly past 9:30. How'd that happen? I scrapped any intention of getting work done and we discussed our activities for the next 3 weeks and the 15yo and I discussed her social studies work. We had invitations to send out, which meant getting down to the computer.

Just past 10, very aware no school was actually going to take place and seeing videos we're bringing back to the library tomorrow, the 12yo asks if they can watch a movie. I say sure. The rest of the time was spent with them watching a movie, the 15yo on her laptop, me on the computer and making lunch and finding my niece who was doing self-tatoos (photos to follow). Then we took off at 12 to run errands before going to park day. We got back around 4, the 15yo rushes to get herself ready for work, her mom shows up before she's ready, and she leaves with her laptop still in my living room, her binder on the table and her lunch kit in the kitchen.

It was one of those Mondays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dd said it was just a continuation of Saturday: at her skating, the girls were falling left and right. It was actually rather funny at one point, with one girl falling here, then another there, the first picking herself up while another one fell, and so on...

I hope tomorrow we'll be functioning a bit better!

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