Thursday, December 07, 2006

Homeschool Burnout?

Having started a discussion in an online group about how things are going, I started thinking that some of us are describing symptoms of homeschool burnout. Here are some burnout symptoms I found online:

-feeling overwhelmed
-lack of confidence
-lack of enthusiasm/motivation
-feeling frustrated
-feeling discouraged
-wanting to give up

{Sources: , , }

They list various causes:

-setting expectations too high
-having daily pattern that is too repetitive (I found that interesting--I would have thought it would have been good! I guess being TOO routine could be problematic. As can not having enough of a routine.)
-forgetting to take time for ourselves
-life: illness, moving, new or change in responsibilities, change in routine

Oops, gotta go!


Jane said...

You know I already have this article in my homeschool admin folder!!!! You are right!!!! Thank you - I am going to sit and read it this evening.....we did so much through the summer that perhaps by Fall when illness hit I started to be tired and burnt out.

Thanks Daisy!

Pam said...

You can put a check by them all for me! :-)

Daisy said...

Well, now, Pam, that's not good!!!

Pam said...

I know....


montessori_lori said... I know what I've been feeling - it hasn't been the flu! Hopefully Christmas break will recharge my homeschooling batteries.