Monday, December 18, 2006

One week left before holidays

I'm so ready for our vacation! Except I haven't finished Christmas shopping. I just want a nice break for a while though.

Plans for the week:

*Class meeting today (discuss the week and somebody stole somebody else's lollipop), hopefully some work (ds threw up around 4am and dd is now complaining about her stomach), and we'll maybe see about park day this afternoon depending on how everybody's feeling. Also, really need to start putting stuff together for our meeting with our teacher tomorrow.

*Tomorrow: class meeting (discuss day, week), work, finish getting stuff together for teach meeting, meet with teacher, run errands (finish buying gifts!!!).

*Wednesday: MP, Christmas party prep.

*Thursday: Christmas party prep, party, cleanup

*Friday: ?, laundry, house cleaning

Throughout all that, I need to set aside some time to get presents wrapped.

House cleaning did not get done this weekend and I'm not about to ask the kids to do their bathroom cleaning when they're not well. I should go do that now.

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