Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's Wed.

It feels like Friday.

We've been out all afternoon all week. It's thoroughly draining!

We have done almost no school work this week. The first two days, I wasn't too bothered about it, but now a couple are hitting the "I'm bored so I'm going to get goofy and annoying" phase. For them, I'm going to have them work on some sort of Advent or Christmas themed work tomorrow. They could make an Advent calendar with flaps, or create a bilingual board or card game or make up Christmas math questions or anagrams. Something.

The oldest, unfortunately, really has to keep going with her work. She is going to be missing time next semester for diving and just can't afford to stop working this early before Christmas. Not to mention she wants to be ready for her FLA 10-2 course, which means she's got to get moving on the reading and writing. I can at least find some sort of fun French Christmas story for her or perhaps we could write a Christmas story in French while taking turns--probably the die game (roll a die to determine how many words you write) because then she knows she'll only ever have to write up to 6 words at a time. Her math... Well, it's gotta get done. And it'd be really good if she could finish the theme she's on in social studies so she can get the next theme done before Christmas. Actually, I could give her an easier theme to work on. They don't have to be done in order. That'll probably work better. That means I need to be ready for next week. But she's got to get that one theme done this week. Her LA... I've pretty much let her scrap for now. I'm not worried about that. We took the year for her LA not because she needs it but because it was more relaxing than cramming it into one semester. I'd rather she do a bit of catching up in social and math.

Remember my plan to work on goals? It just seemed so pointless Monday, we kind of talked about things yesterday and the 12yo had said that he'd decided he was going to stay homeschooling for high school. He bounces back and forth. He'll hear about something about high school that worries him, so his plan is to homeschool. Then he hears about really great stuff and wants to go. So, today, I took him to the school website for the school he's interested in. We checked out all kinds of things. Although he still has worries about being picked on--particularly by football players--he saw there were so many great things going on at that school. The clubs really caught his eye. He's a social kid! Now he's talking about "when he goes there". So, I dropped in things about getting good grades and how he's capable of getting the marks he needs if he wants to get into the special science and technology program... Planting some seeds. :D

And now I'm waiting for a computer scan to be done. We've managed to get ourselves infected by some stupid malware: ipwins.exe . It then allowed some other strange stuff to be installed and I was getting pop-ups any time I opened Internet Explorer. I may have screwed some stuff up trying to get the darn program off of my computer and may never be able to get everything off completely without doing a clean install, but that's okay. The pop-ups have now stopped.

Did I mention lately that we still have not had any of the same crashes we were getting before? Yay! This fan seems to be doing the trick.

I guess I should go start preparing my chicken. But I want the scan to finish first then do a reboot of the computer. But I have nothing more to babble about at the moment, so I guess I'm done. ;D

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