Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When you need a camera... never have one!

We went to the park this afternoon for a bit of outdoor time and there were two jackrabbits hanging around. I managed to sit down in one place and stay there for quite a while, with one getting within 10 ft of me. Then one got scared off and ran onto the path of a little woodsy area and I went to have a look and he was sitting there, beautifully tall, greenery all around him, but him in the middle of this path worn away by human feet. It was bordering on majestic. I'm not sure I've ever so badly wanted a camera before and not had one with me!

The kids were very interested in these two who were hanging around. It made me think of how kids, all of us, really, love so much seeing real things. Learning about a jackrabbit in a book or seeing a video about it is not nearly as interesting or exciting as seeing the real thing.

Of course, now the Montessorian in me wonders how I might be able to link this to some learning activity...


Jane said...

How wonderful! See, if you were as obsessional as I you would have had that camera with you!!!

I think it would be a great way to lead into a discussion with my children comparing those wild hares to our two domestic it better to be confined in a hutch and run but sfe from predators and kept warm....or is it better to run free, be wild and face the risks involved?........I think I'd rather be the wild hare myself ;)

Daisy said...

I may have to start being obsessional. lol. There seem to be various times where I'd just love to have the camera, but I don't have it or by the time it's ready, the moment is gone. :(

What a great discussion idea! I think I'd prefer being the hare, too. :)