Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What does Sonlight Curriculum have to do with Montessori homeschooling? Well, it can have quite a lot to do with it, actually.

Sonlight encourages a literature-based program. So does Montessori, in addition to the use of specific materials. Going through Sonlight's catalogue made me realize just how much I was not taking advantage of the literature around us as part of the children's education.

I found a Magic School Bus book in French at the library a week or so ago and decided this week that as part of our science work, I would read it to the kids. It's MBS In Orbit (not sure if that's the English title or not). We started it the other day and finished it today. It was a little bit like giving a mini-lesson on astronomy. We then pulled out a French Usborne book I had on space and were able to flip through it, looking at connections with the MBS book. The kids loved it. (Incidentally, both MBS and Usborne books are highly used in Sonlight, but uninfluenced by Sonlight, I had already bought the Usborne book sometime ago and we regularly take out MBS books.)

I wish I had had some sort of hands-on follow-up activity for them. Perhaps I could quickly get a collage set on the solar system together for ds or maybe some planet cards or something for dd. Although, he was particularly interested in the birth of a star, so perhaps something with that? I don't know. I'll have to think quick so it can be ready for them for tomorrow.

In any case, I highly recommend the Sonlight catalogue and may be buying a bunch of books from them, particularly books that are hard to find elsewhere (they've got some good things in there!) The Core Curriculae they have truly aren't suitable for someone really wanting to follow Montessori, but the literature selections they have likely can't be beat elsewhere.

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