Tuesday, July 25, 2006

School Year Planning

Inspired by another blog, I decided I would work out a bit my plans for the coming year:

15yo (grade 10)

ELA 10:
  • school textbook (for short story, poetry, essay, etc. required reading and required responses),
  • one novel study (to be determined--at the moment both Animal Farm and Something Wicked This Way Comes look good, but I want to check out Random Passage as it seems to be historical fiction set in Newfoundland, one of the 15yo's favourite places, plus it ties in with her required Canadian history studies this year),
  • one play (to be determined)
  • feature film (to be determined)
  • Sequential Spelling
  • maybe some us of the highest levels of spelling words in Writing Road to Reading
  • haven't decided about grammar yet
  • may use my mother's old Latin and Greek Roots book (that's not the title, but something like that) and have also been toying with the idea of Joy of Vocabulary too
  • general reading/literature: whatever she wants; I'd like to encourage her to read The Chrysalids; I'm also hoping to read to the kids Who Has Seen the Wind

Pure Math 10:

  • use of school textbook (either MathPower or Addison Wesley)
  • additional work on weak areas (fractions, math facts)

Science 10:

  • school textbook for Science 10
  • topic titles sound confusing: Energy and matter in chemical change (essentially, chemistry); energy flow in technological systems (physics?); cycling of matter in living systems (biology?); energy flow in global systems (environment?)

Social Studies 10:

  • school textbook and hopefully some related historical fiction or some biographies or journals to make things a little more interesting
  • topics: Challenges for Canada (includes a bit of history and lots of government study) and Citizenship in Canada (politics and legal matters, essentially)
  • I'm adding in Canadian geography


  • personalized program to help her work towards grade 10 level of French Immersion outcomes; if she can make it to around the grade 8 level in her reading and writing, I'll be very pleased as she's got fear blocking her from believing she can read and write in French at a high level; her grammar is very good already and she's just about at grade level in terms of grammar coverage
  • there will be phonics/spelling work (modelled after Writing Road to Reading), plus a weekly reading assignment, a weekly writing assignment, and probably 2 or 3 days of grammar work a week
  • once a week, time set aside for watching something in French or listening to something in French, in addition to my reading aloud in French each day

Other than that, she hasn't totally decided on options and will pick some in September.

12yo--grade 7


  • Literacy Power E
  • Writing Road to Reading
  • haven't figured out for sure about reading books for him; probably various Usborne and Eyewitness books from the library, some simple biographies (on Edison would be a great choice--science-oriented PLUS a homechooler!), and among various ideas, the most likely candidates for fiction: Encyclopedia Brown, The Whipping Boy, The Littles, Frindle
  • I'm going to have him do written narrations (CM-style) for his writing for... hm... maybe until Christmas; it'll be one of those things where I'll have to see how things go; I should maybe still have one day a week or something where it's complete free writing so he doesn't get too used to having specific topics all the time
  • will see what's available from our school board, too


  • specialized program to cover topics from grades 4-7 FSL, specifically getting him reading and writing; nothing too difficult as it is FSL, not French Immersion


  • MathPower, supplemented with ActiMath7, JUMP Math fraction workbook (in the publications section), extra work spent on mastering math facts and personalized worksheets as necessary


  • quick overview of provincial topics (going more in-depth where interests lie): Interactions and ecosystems; Plants for food and fibre; Heat and temperature; Structures and forces; Planet Earth
  • possible TOPS units
  • other science experiments, topics of interest

Social Studies

  • Canadian history from beginning (before Confederation) to the present
  • Canadian geography (provinces, capitals, major cities, major lakes, rivers, bays, etc.)


  • I may have him follow our school board's resources; have to check them out, first

almost 9yo dd and almost 6yo ds

I'm following mainly the Montessori approach and sequences for LA and math, with LA modified for French. Dd will also work on German using our province's curriculum for grades 1-2 German Language Arts.


  • mixed with the 12yo's where possible (for example, Planet Earth)
  • specific topics for ds: seasons, needs of plants and animals, senses
  • specific topics for dd: waste and our world, wheels and levers, plant growth and changes

Social Studies

  • Canada: history, geography, Prime Ministers, etc.
  • world geography (continents, oceans, North America)

Everything else is more or less child-directed!

Whew! That was long and took a long time to finish.

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