Monday, July 09, 2007

A Miscellaneous Monday

The weather is CRUMMY: windy, dark, icky, cold but refusing to rain over our house. Just rain already!! It came in yesterday afternoon which cancelled my plans for going on my bicycle (it actually rained yesterday afternoon and evening). And it cancelled our plans to go for walks with our dog. We did manage to get in about 15 minutes at a park this morning but that was it. It's so crummy outside! I guess that's okay since the forecast for later in the week is 30C! Woohoo! Actually, I find that rather hot, but we'll be at the spray park, so it's all good.


I've hit a snag: the 16yo and I were all happy about her French having been resolved. Instead of doing the French Language Arts credits, she'll just do the FSL credits and be done with French credits next year. When I had written to the vice-principal earlier a month or so ago, she said there was no problem but they would have to track down a French exam for her to take. Now the principal has informed me that they *may* be able to find an exam. If they can't, they can only offer her to French 20 (grade 11). ARGH. I don't know what we'll do if they can't come up with an exam.


The needlework craze has hit! We were out at the lake last Thurs-Fri and I was working on a cross-stitch I'm doing for my mom's Christmas gift. That had dd looking over my shoulder quite a bit and she thought wistfully of her cross-stitch kits: one has the instructions/pattern missing, the other one we don't even know where it is. lol. She asked if she could get a new one. I said sure. We picked up *2* at Michaels. Well, ds wasn't with me and when we got back home, he had been hoping I had something for him, too. He thought about his needlepoint that he'd started 2 years ago or something, but the paint for the guidelines is all but come off. So, we got him a new one today.

Dd spent about an hour yesterday and has literally spent HOURS today working on hers. It's almost done! This is what she is working on . Ds has worked on and off on his. It always seems to amaze me on some level how the kids are so quick to follow suit on what I do yet I know intellectually that kids are designed to do that! I should take advantage of that characteristic far more than I do.


Which has me thinking: there have been a lot of questions about weather and clouds and all that lately. I should make sure to get some books out from the library tomorrow and maybe try to quickly put together some Montessori-style cards: labelling cards for ds and some definition cards for dd. While I've made some 3-part cards before, I've never made definition cards. I'm eager to do it! The difficult part will be translating into French. Maybe I can get started today with things on the web.

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