Sunday, July 08, 2007

Babble babble

I had decided to make sure to take Sundays off during the summer but I'm so confused about the days! lol. I spent probably 45 minutes this morning developing a French course for the oldest and have laundry to do. It was only after I'd spent the 45 minutes on the course creation that I realized it was Sunday. lol. Ah well.

So, what to do with myself today? Other than having a nap... I guess there are groceries to be bought because we're getting low and I didn't do them yesterday. Dh and I also want to go into the carpet store and see about getting a different carpet than the one we'd picked (it's not installed yet, not worries). We were laying the old carpet from our family room into our basement yesterday when dh found a strip of carpet from something else that we actually like better than what we'd picked out. We haven't even gotten a proper quote on the installation yet and were told we could change our minds, so... We're hoping the place is open today. Other than that, we may have finally come to a decision on paint colours. It'll make the room cozier to be in, I hope. The colours we currently have dramatically cut down on the light and "warmth" of the room and the kids immediately stopped working down there. It's now become the room you're kind of banished to when you need to move and make noise but people upstairs are trying to work.

Once everything's done in the room, then I've got to either find slip covers for the couch or look in a book I have to make my own (scary thought!). I still have to find some stuff to help me and the kids pick some designs or something for their walls and curtains. They've got this cool aqua colour on their walls and need to have some suitable additions. I'd like to have darkened curtains for their room but I don't know how feasible that is with my limited sewing experience.

What else? Oh, yes, our basement is so much nicer now with the carpet laid down! Of course, laying the carpet down meant having to clean a bunch of stuff up ;) so that helped, too. But the carpet gives it such a different feel. It's great! It feels like a room and not just some unfinished area of the basement. My job now is to make sure the kids keep it clean!!!


Do you like Sudoku? I do. I'd done them for years in the Dell puzzle books under the name of Number Place (I think that's what it's called) before it got renamed Sudoku and started a big craze. I've been daily playing at . See, instead of playing The Sims 2 each morning this summer as I did last summer, I've been trying to find other fun things to play. I'm waiting for an expansion pack for Sims because I've hit a plateau with it and just really want the expansion pack. But, I got it through Amazon with some other things on the free shipping, which means it could be a few weeks since they send it all together. Oh well. Playing Sudoku is good, too. :D


It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here today. I think I'll have to get my bike out. I haven't ridden it in years!!! And I had knee problems for so long this year (finally stopped hurting this past week), that I really couldn't have done anything on it. Today would be a good day to do a few minutes and test my knees out. And to get the kids on their bikes again. I wish we had room in the garage to leave them so the kids would see them more often and ask to go out, but we don't and they stay in the shed--out of sight, out of mind. It feels like ds is going to be 12 before he ever has the courage to ride without training wheels!

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