Friday, April 13, 2007

What's Up?

It's been a crazy past week. Kids were super tired again last week, weather was crummy, school was a struggle. Four-day long weekend which really threw off my sense of what day it is this week. Tuesday and Wednesday were okay for school; yesterday was great! It was spring-like outside and the oldest had slept well the night before and everybody was full of energy.

I don't have that energy today. I've had a cold all week which hasn't really bothered me much, except that I woke up with a hacking fit at 2am. Was still awake at 3. :( Then I had the most bizarre dreams before waking up this morning. And several of them. When I dream like that, I just feel so tired when I get up. Let's just say my brain is not fully functioning yet this morning and I wish I liked coffee!

In any case, it's Friday. The oldest has a ton of work to do. The 12yo's schedule isn't quite working out as I had planned: it's just impossible to stick to 20-minute blocks in this house. What it's gradually moved into on its own, however, is he gets started on something, finishes that, then asks what's next. This works much better than having him have the rest of the 20 minutes (if there are any) to go off and do whatever--getting him back can be a struggle! He had a really good work day yesterday, assigning himself more copywork than I had assigned him, even! Just need to work more!! But I'm too tired right now to have a look at what we've been doing and what needs to be added.

Back to the schedule... I think I'm still going to keep it but not have it so time-based. Although he did like the very general schedule we had before of 8:30 LA, 9:00 math and so on, it didn't cover enough stuff. I'll have to tweak things on the weekend.

I'm really feeling like I could go have a mini-nap. It's 6:52 in the morning and I'm ready for a nap! omg.

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Pam said...

I know the feeling Daisy! I often wake up and whooosh...I am ready for a nap soon after! (but thankfully I do like cofee...a bit too it can be my friend on those days!)