Sunday, April 15, 2007

My children are possessed!

I stopped regularly playing piano and dd ended up following suit. We talked a bit about it a couple of weeks ago--after I'd pulled out a recorder and was playing songs for my niece--and she said she's just not interested in piano right now. Somehow it came out that she'd like to learn recorder. I told her we'd get her her own recorder so that I can model with mine and she can do the same with hers. She's had a bit of recorder experience, but not much.

We finally went and got the recorder yesterday--and ds, naturally, wanted one, too. They were so excited about them. Dd got the same type of recorder I have--a Dolmetsch--and it looks almost identical, but hers isn't so used that the bottom piece falls off ;). Ds picked this see-through yellow recorder. They started trying things in the car.

We get home and they're BEGGING for lessons. So we start off simply and ds did fantastically. He's a kid who leans more towards auditory things and I think this must be part of it. He did better than most gr. 4 kids I've seen who are just beginning recorder. He got frustrated, naturally, and as all beginning musicians do, blamed the recorder for some squeaks, but once he got it and wasn't too tired, he did really well.

I ended up ending the lesson and they continued playing. This morning, the first thing they do is ask for another lesson as soon as their papa is up. lol.

I suppose there are worse things to be possessed by...

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