Thursday, June 08, 2006

Constant Changes

It's funny how life throws things in to change one's plans!

Dd and the oldest no longer have to do the math tests. This means that I can back off a bit* on the math review with the oldest and dd can pretty much do as she chooses with math. The 12yo still has some of his math test to finish. The 10yo is actually supposed to be doing a math test, too, at some point, but we haven't received the materials, so I may have to create my own so that her school next year has a sense of where she's at.

I haven't been able to find the books I wanted at the library to do Shakespeare. I've got a couple of other resources; perhaps that will be okay. With various activities going on and the kids now finishing on June 27 (which will be a send-off party for the 10yo), we don't have much time to get a play done.

Other than that, it's a rainy day today. That means we'll either be stuck inside here or we'll have to go somewhere inside as our scheduled homeschoolers' park day will be cancelled. We'll see. My plans for this morning are, after silent reading, to do a bit of math, present some English and French phonics in a sort of Spalding style, have the 12yo and 10yo write something, I'll read to them from Among the Betrayed and hopefully from Story of the World, which I haven't read to them in a very long time, despite my plans. (They've wanted to listen to the Among the... series instead!) Perhaps we'll get started on a Twisted Shakespeare story and they can act it out. I've also got a brownie mix we could do and a bunch of stuff for them to do crafty things, if they wish. I should maybe pull out board games and the like, too. Always have to be fully prepared on the rainy days to avoid chaos!

*(I don't feel I can back off completely with the oldest as she really hasn't mastered a lot of the stuff from this year and she's supposed to have a certain competency to be able to do the level of math she wants to do next year for credit. Of course, I could always let her decide and if she does nothing, then we have to do a review in September, but her main reason for balking at doing the review is that she "can't remember anything" (that's the whole point of the review--to have things come back to you!) ; it's fear of failure stopping her (and a poor view of herself with math), not simple lack of interest. We can do one type of problem each day and even if it doesn't get a full review done, it'll be better than letting her avoid it all completely, I think. To be even more Montessorian about it, I'll have her pick from the review section the type of problem she'd like to do.)

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