Monday, May 15, 2006

A new week

I have a strange week ahead of me: two of the six kids will be gone for sure on Friday, possibly three of them, with one or two gone on Thursday. If the three are gone on Friday, that will leave me with just my two kids and my niece. Add to that beautiful weather this week and it could prove to be very interesting!

As I head into this week, I am struggling with the idea of freedom but requirements. While I know it's not ideal Montessori to have work requirements, the fact of the matter is that the gr. 9 girl has to do certain work, as does her brother, and the gr. 4 girl is likely going into school next year and does need to work on certain things. My two kids I'm not terribly worried about as their registration, age and upcoming needs don't really dictate anything specific.

Since the kids are winding down, it's getting harder and harder to work with them in planning their work. The gr. 4 girl even asked me to simply list the work she has to do and she'll pick the order and do it. That's my plan for the week for her and the other two oldest. There are certain limits, but they can choose when and if they want to go further.

I best get to my planning, then!

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