Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day

I was thinking today of the various meanings for 'may day'. Sometimes I feel like I need to say, "mayday, mayday" while working with the kids.

Today was okay, to a certain extent, but the 11yo was a bundle of goofiness that was bothering others. I finally had to insist that he isolate himself because he was disregarding everybody's feelings and requests for him to stop. While his thinking didn't last long, I did use phrasology I learned from a book I read and said to him, "I have to wonder why you would choose to have everybody angry at you." "I didn't choose that." "Well, you chose to behave in a way that is making everyone around you angry." He had no choice but to think a bit. I think it likely there's some underlying stuff going on that he was trying to avoid (unconsciously, perhaps) and it was being played out in annoying behaviour. What better way to avoid one's own feelings by creating feelings in other people to focus on?

I still have to get him working more. I'm so inconsistent, I feel at times I'm his biggest problem. I've been reading about contracts in various places, some Montessori and some not. I'm thinking this may be the way to go. We work out a learning contract, sign it, perhaps even everybody getting a copy to help us keep on top of it and even posting it. Okay, that's maybe overkill to do all that--at least have it as the first thing in his binder or something he uses daily and perhaps sending copies to his parents. Actually, that could work quite well. If he could just get into a work habit and stop with all the procrastinating/avoiding behaviours, he will do fine. But I've got to do what I can to help him get that work habit going. He's not getting any younger.

The 9yo was quite spry today, despite it being Monday. She got to work almost as soon as she got here and was quite self-directed. I was impressed. I should make a point of saying something to her tomorrow.

The 15yo spent her work period, and then some, on her Jack the Ripper project. She was quite engrossed and got quite a bit done. While she's 'behind' in the math the school board expects her to get done this year, the Montessorian in me could not interrupt the work she was doing to have her do math. Of course, I can only let that go so long because she can't risk getting too far behind.

(Can you believe how much I've posted in the last while? :) )

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