Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It is cold!

The weather changes far too quickly. It's hard to adjust to the cold like this. Sounds like a good time, though, to think about including seasons, winter, something along those lines into our schooling! :) I just hope it's not too cold for Halloween.

October has been insane. Between birthdays, Thanksgiving, an early Christmas, get-togethers with friends, families, school activities, a visit to Telus World of Science to check out the Lego exhibit (very cool, I highly recommend), and the kids' extra-curricular activities, it has been crazy. Some things have had to be skipped over because they conflicted with something else. So busy that one friend said to me after we had lunch together one day and she'd heard about it all, "I'm honoured you fit me into your October!" lol.

Just a few more days of October. November will still be hectic, but not insane. I hope. ;D

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The Sunshine Crew said...

How awesome that you got to go see the Lego exhibit...what fun! Can relate to your insanity for October. Ours has been that way too.
Hope that the rest of your week goes weel.