Monday, August 16, 2010

I wonder what Maria would have done...

...if she had but a few children in the classroom and they all showed up tired, crabby and easily weepy?


Smith said...

go outside?

D. said...

You know, she might have! Had them focus on nature or something.

I sat kind of thinking about it after I wrote--I kind of saw her sitting down somewhere (inside, outside, didn't matter) and telling stories or singing songs, in a gentle, loving way. Or maybe just chatting with them. Getting them settled, then as she saw them ready to move on, might have done some lessons or directed them to something else.

Of course, I didn't do any of that. :/ I was trying to catch up on laundry and whatnot. I'm thinking I need to reschedule my own time during the days to really maximize my time with all of the kids.