Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Writing Has Begun!

My son is always full of surprises for me. Now that he's been reading well for sometime, I've been struggling with: how do I get him to write??

He's done it on his own, as he has with pretty much everything else. I've got to remember that's just how he is! I need to expect it, go with it.

He's never written more than maybe a couple of sentences. Last week, his sister was sitting on the couch writing (not an unusual occurrence) and he decided he would write, too. Got out a notebook (that we've had for years and have barely used because he doesn't write) and started writing about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. He asked his sister when he wasn't sure how to write a word and sat there a good while until he had more than a full half-page, and I mean full. Everything scrunched together. I told him I would write it out on another piece of paper for him so he could see how to space it and, double-spaced, it took up a full page of my handwriting.

He has since started imitating his sister, again, and is now coming up with silly things to write out. Can't think of an example at the moment, but nonsense questions, comments and sentences.

I am sooooo glad this child is not in the school system where everything has to follow a specific pace!!!

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