Saturday, July 11, 2009


Since my 11yo dd has friends who have read Twilight and seen the movie, she's had some interest in reading the book, too. Given the many things I've heard from parents who have NOT allowed their children to read the book, I told her I had to read it first and give my approval. Putting it off for sometime as I'm not usually into romances nor vampire books, I finally gave into my parental duty and picked up both Twilight and New Moon while at the library today.

Let me say this: nothing in the book comes even close to being as complex as the sentences above. Heck, the book is even less sophisticated in style and language than the first Harry Potter. Yes, you got that right: Harry Potter requires a higher reading level ability than Twilight. As I was reading, I was thinking, "Good grief, my 8yo son would be able to read this." I even looked it up online: an estimated gr. 4 reading level book.

I could try and say, "Well, a lower level reading is good because older kids who are struggling will have success with this book." But I can't. I despise this book. It's corny and sappy and, imho, horribly written. Bella comes across as a typical *junior* high school girl (even though her mom apparently thinks she is "mature for her age", more like 35 than 17), complete with "love at first sight" syndrome, lack of self-confidence and obedient. Edward's a moody jerk who tells her what to do all the time. And he can't bloody stop smirking or "chuckling". Other characters also come off as jr. high-ish and totally unbelievable. And just the whole flow and their stupid conversations... Good grief! The whole thing is frustrating me! I don't get what people are liking so much.

I'm about halfway through and can't say that I've found anything, so far, inappropriate for my dd to read, but let me tell you, it's getting painful! I don't think there's any way I could force myself to read New Moon to check if it's okay. After my tirades on the ridiculousness of the book, perhaps my dd won't even want to read the series. One can always hope! ;)


The Family McCallum said...

I am proud to admit, I am immature and so desperately in love with the series.... it only gets worse. I would quit reading! I love love love it. I never read the books and refused any part of the stuff, then saw the movie ... I was and am hooked. You got Edward all wrong, he adores Bella and tries to get her to leave him a lone as he can NOT ruin her life!

D. said...


Oh, I do understand that he adores Bella, but I still think the way she went about it was just... unrealistic. Maybe that's typical of romances, I don't know. I never cared for romances, especially with characters who come across as weak. I HATED "Legends of the Fall" because of the female character. "Oh boo hoo, I don't know which one I love." BAH HUMBUG. ;D

"Oh, I am so desperate for you. I can't stop thinking about you. I need you. I don't care that my life is in danger because I just want to be with you." blah blah blah. LOL. (Sorry, does it show I am NOT a romantic? Maybe that's my shortcoming with this book.) I don't mind some romance in stories, but when it gets Harelquinny, blech.

I haven't finished yet, but dd's started it with the understanding she can't go past what I've read up to. She says it's okay; not horrible, but not "good". She finds the girls immature (all the giggling and all that) and really doesn't like the whole aspect of how he could end up killing her at any moment if he doesn't control himself. The romance aspect only bugs her with the extreme stuff (kind of like me), but she's more annoyed at the vampire aspect than I am. :) However... she doesn't have Underworld under her belt yet, so... lol

I really don't even want to finish the book. It's much more a romance novel than I realized and I'm just not a romantic! But, I can't leave dd hanging, so I'll finish. But she'll have to wait sometime if she wants to read the 2nd. ;)