Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All things in good time

Although I haven't "prepped" my son the way I would have liked to the past few years and have really unschooled him for the most part, despite a desire to really introduce him to things, what little I have done is starting to pay off in terms of reading.

For whatever reason today, he pulled out a map of Iran from somewhere (probably from a National Geographic magazine) and started trying to read all the names. It was dd who came down and said, "You ought to come see your son! He's reading!" Well, by golly, he was. It was slow, but he totally understands the whole sounding out in order... I'm in awe. :) And tickled pink. :D


kathy said...

Awesome little man!!!

Daisy said...

He even asked me last night to read me a book before bed! Fortunately, I had a little English simple reader out from the library. I'm going to have to make him some simple French books. The ones we have are still a tad too difficult, I find, for the beginning reader.