Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going to the library!

We are headed to the downtown library this morning for our homeschooling. We've said before we should do it sometime and never have. Today's the day! Wednesday seems like a good day to have a change in routine because they're usually rather sluggish for "Hump Day". It's also a beautiful day today, so being somewhere else will make it less tempting to want to go out and play on the trampoline, skateboard, bikes, etc. They'll still get to do that, but after lunch when we come back. (Except for the oldest--she'll have more work to do!)

I have a bad unMontessori tendency to take care of all the details for things. Not today! They'll work out what they are going to work on (except for some things that I've decided), what they need to bring, etc. I AM bringing some Dewey Decimal Worksheets that I found here that dd and "Bob" can do if they wish (even ds could participate). I'm also bringing my laptop because ds just will find 2.5 hours of typical sit-down stuff very long, so he'll be able to do Paint or we can type up a story together or something. Oh, and my kids need to prepare their lunches and snacks.

It should be a great adventure! :D


Lisia said...

Sounds like fun! A homeschooling friend was just telling me yesterday about her "cafe-schooling": once a week, she and her 7-yr-old take sit-down work to do in a cafe for a couple of hours while her younger child attends preschool. I think it's a great idea to go somewhere different - my kids would love that I'm sure.

Daisy said...

That's neat! We might make this a more regular thing, or not. As of next Nov., I'm going to have a 1yo as part of the mix. It'll make things a little harder!