Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another week done

This week was kind of a blur. I should really sit down and blog more often because trying to remember a whole week is difficult!

We had a Christmas party--I think there were 20 kids here! omg!

The 16yo got some work done, but in general, they all fizzled.

They did some Christmas crafts.

We went to the library.

I bought A Muppet Christmas Carol on dvd (love that movie!).

And I'm working like crazy on a Christmas gift I'm making and hope I'll have done by Christmas. (Yes, I should be working on it now, but I went grocery shopping and need a break. :D)

The 2 oldest are supposed to be gone next week--but if things worsen for their grandmother, they might not go after all. I'm going to assume they'll be gone. I plan on doing a little school routine in the morning with my 2, then the afternoons will be for cleaning the basement, finishing our Christmas shopping and other Christmas prep. We might also go to Millennium Place one day. And we have bowling with some other homeschoolers. If they 2 oldest don't go, they still won't be hear for Monday, but I'd expect them to work Tues-Thurs.

There's not much else to say at the moment. I think I'll go work on that Christmas gift!


Pinar said...

I never knew Eragon was written by a homeschooler! Cool! Oh, and I love your cats ;)

By the way, thanks for being an inspiration to me. It was after reading your blog that I decided to start blogging.

Daisy said...

Yes indeed! Christopher Paolini graduated high school at age 15, I think, and began seriously writing his novel at that point.

And thanks for the compliment! I'll have to add your blog to my site. :)

Daisy said...

I meant, graduated high school through HOMESCHOOLING at age 15. :)