Monday, April 24, 2006

Tomorrow's plan

I was just re-reading what I've written in the past. It hits with what I wrote recently in a journal and what I keep writing about that I know I need to do and can't seem to get myself to do: focus on cultural content.

Something I had hoped to do today but we'll work on tomorrow is generate questions the kids can find resources at the library to help them research. (Tomorrow is our library day.) We'll also talk about different kinds of ways to present research so that they don't all feel they have to give a written report and just a written report. Things that come to mind off the top of my head: diorama, PowerPoint presentation, oral report, collage, taped (audio or visual) component... Of course, this doesn't apply to ds (5yo), but I would like to encourage him to find non-fiction books, especially in French, while we're there. He's begun imitating others in 'writing' stories (just scribbles, although he will occasionally write 'words'--actual letters, not necessarily matching up with sounds) and this could be a good way to provide him a means of progressing.

One more thing for me to do before Wednesday is pick out a science experiment to do. Haven't done one in ages with the kids.

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