Saturday, September 24, 2005

Slowly getting there!

Yesterday was one of the best days in a while. But, I didn't follow my usual expectation of spending considerable amounts of time on language and math. We started the day going through what kinds of things would be in a travel brochure (the kids are going to create travel brochures for planets--they have to be as factual as possible!), then we spent some time on music, then our week-end cleaning, then we went out for lunch and a movie (ds' birthday party).

That little inner voice has been nagging me for some time that I should be doing more cultural work with them--science, music, etc. I know that it's the main key to helping the children develop fully, as these areas captivate them so much and get them naturally involved in the language arts and math skills which are so important to living in this society. I think I've been too engrained by traditional education to worry about the language arts and math and have not been looking at the WHOLE child. Yesterday was a great eye opener for me.

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